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Preserving What Matters to You, with You. 

The most modern private lab in Australia, Endangered Heritage provides Conservation services to the public, to museums, galleries, archives and libraries. 

  • Our qualified conservators have extensive professional experience and each have specialist training in a particular field of conservation. These include: textiles, paintings, frames, objects, metals, paper, books, photographs and technology.  Please check the "Our Team" section of the website to learn more.
  • In addition to treatment, Endangered Heritage are suppliers of a wide range of archival and preservation tools and supplies, enabling our clients to better care for their collections and treasures while on display or in storage.
  • Our range of specialist art supplies continues to grow and includes Kremer pigments, Albox, Liberon, Intercept and Birch. Including gold leaf, book binding materials, hard to source haberdashery supplies and leather and wood care products.

Recent Treatment

Smashed Chinese lamp base:  "Yes, we can..."

This lamp base had been smashed during shipping from the UK to Australia and arrived in a tub with over 20 major fragments.


Andrew did a trial build to determine the correct sequence of repair and then adhered the sections with an archivaly stable adhesive.  Losses were filled with marble loaded acrylic polymer.  Final inpainting was carried out using acrylic polymer and Kremer pigments with an acrylic gloss top coat.

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Up and Coming Workshops;

Care of silver items: Andrew Pearce will give a 1 hour presentation on handling and care of silver and precious metals. Please book. 3rd March 1 pm FREE

Care of Rare and Historical books:

Robin Tait of Tait Bindary will bring a variety of gorgeous books to discuss the historical development of books, their manufacture and the things that put them at risk. Robin will give a hands on demonstration on how to surface clean and handle rare books. Cost $330 per person March 17th 1-5.30

Robin Tait is a specialist Book Conservator and hand bookbinder and has operated Tait Bindary since 1986.

Robin Trained in London at the then Camberwell school of Art and Crafts in Hand bookbinding and then followed by an internship year with James Brockman- Master Bookbinder in Oxford. Robin then graduated from Canberra University with a degree in Applied Science specialising in Paper conservation in 1986 and completed further postgraduate studies in Art Authentication at Melbourne University in 2007

Identification and care of photos,

Karen Holloway our senior Paper conservator will run through the amazing history of the photographic image to present day digital. She will cover handling and care of the different types of photographic technology. Karen is an accomplished paper conservator with additional training in Photographic material. Cost $80 Sat 1pm -2pm 14th April

Lest we forget, Best we Protect.

This free workshop runs for a little over an hour and is in honour of those who have served our country and their families. The workshop covers all aspects of military items, metals, leather, textiles paper and documents with a special focus on the risks to health of keeping some materials such as first aid kits and weapons. Supported by the National RSL for ACT heritage festival.  24th April 4pm



All the colours of the Rainbow:

A workshop demonstrating how to make historical paint. Egg, milk, gelatine and other materials used to make traditional paints form raw materials an Kremer pigments. Grinding and combining pigments to make paints that have lasted traditionally hundreds of years! 28th April  1pm


Antique Fair at Albert Hall. 23rd-25th or March. See you there. 

Asset managment support: This course will help you to plan and prepare for the better care of your art assets. Learn about handling, transporting and the effects of environmental impacts. Be prepared for flood, fire or insects and learn how to respond. Important insurance issues and loan issues if you are approached to display the work. We will cover everything from collection documentation to disaster plan implementation. 

We are preparing our Calendar for 2018 if you have a special event or workshop need contact us for availablity for next year.