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Preserving What Matters to You, with You. 

The treasured possessions which we have no hope of saving are the ones that have been thrown away. 

We are avaialble 24 hours a day to assist with disaster recovery.  You can contact us after hours on 0409 226 343



Water damage causes problems, but drying things out can make matters worse and can make some damage impossible to treat.  Dye bleed and water tide lines need to be dealt with while the items are still wet.  Paper items, textiles and photographs need to be assessed by a conservator as soon as possible.  If things cannot get to us straight away, seal them individually in plastic bags and get them into a freezer.  SAFETY  Most mould is toxic, but any moulds found on protein based materials (leather, wool, silk, furs, parchment) will quite happily also live on the surface of your lungs and are therefore HIGHLY HAZARDOUS. 

A fundamental part of any flood response is removal of moisture.  One of the most effective ways to do this is with a dehumidifier. Endangered Heritage has large and small dehumidifiers for sale and we also have hire units avaialble in the event that you require one short-term to deal with an unexpected flood or inundation.



Combustion of hydrocarbon based materials produces highly toxic smoke and soot.  You will not be able to re-enter your premises until it has been assessed by authorities as safe to do so.  Much smoke and soot damage is treatable.  Remember that as water is the main method used to fight fire, much of the advice relating to flood damage will apply with fire damaged items.  SAFETY  Fire leaves most metal things rusty and dirty.  Tetanus is a significant risk, especially when cleaning through the remains of sheds. IMMEDIATELY get a tetanus shot if you get any cut or scratch while working in a fire damged site.  Actually, if you plan on entering a fire site, we'd strongly suggest you get a tetanus shot before hand.


-Insect infestation:  

No matter how tidy a home you keep, insects are about and may decide that some of your possesions are tasty.  Contact us as soon as possible so we can help you establish the extent of spread of the infestation, get things quarantined and get treatment underway. Time is of the essence and the longer you delay, the more chance there is that your uninvited dinner guests will move on to something else for dessert!


-Vandalism / Breakage:  

Unintentional or deliberate, sometimes things get broken.  Collect up all the pieces carefully and bring them to us.  You would be surprised what can be repaired.  Please don't rub broken edges against each other to get them to fit, and please don't adhere bits together yourself.  Much of the time spent in conservation of broken items involves the removal of well-meant DIY repairs.

Shop 8 Paragon Mall

8-20 Gladstone St 

Fyshwick ACT 2609

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