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Preserving What Matters to You, with You. 

What is Conservation? 

Conservation is the active or passive intervention, against the agents of deterioration to preserve the  material artefact wishing to be conserved. Restoration is the covering up of these agents of deterioration and resulting damage to give the appearance of being as "new". This usually allows more deterioration to occur adds new material complicating the chemical reactions possible and more often than not does not last long before the item is back where it was. 

By using a sound scientific approach we stop the agents of decay (well delay them at least) to allow for the object to last longer. By removing dirt stains and imcompatible additions we can enhance the research value and apprecaition of an artefact.  

We are required to do testing and documentation for all of our treatments and occaisionally we may require outside experts and analysis. 

Our lab also engages in research for publication and circulation. 

Current research being carried out:


Mould remediation on paper and plant bases materials using UVC. Karen Holloway and Victoria Pearce

The use of Intercept film to scavange contaminants tarnishing metal threads and beads. Andrew adn Victoria Pearce

The use of coloured tints in hxtel glass adhesive. Andrew Pearce and Clare Potts








List of collegues and Associates

Tait Bindery p/l

The Tait Bindery is the versitile company of Robin Tait and David Hallam, both senior conservators. During the last 3 years Robin has been our senior paper conservator and has carried out book conservation for us in her own bindary. (see our team) 

David Hallam is known as one of Australia's best metal conservators. His has extensive experience in metals alloys and industrial finishes. He has recently returned from a Getty Institution Fellowship and continues to consult and teach locally and overseas. You can contact them via our email and we will put you directly in touch. 

Lantern Heritage p/l


Lantern Heritage headed by Becc Parkes specialises in the identification, assessment and investigation of archaeological sites. Becc can help assess individual artefacts and assemblages through to site complexes and entire landscapes. She has the skills to identify, record, document, analyse and interpret archaeology.

Lantern Heritage is committed to tailoring a package to meet your needs. Becc has demonstrated experience in providing heritage advice, assessments and impact mitigation programs on major projects. That same level of expertise, and dedication to customer service, is also available to smaller developers, without the prohibitive costs often associated with specialists.

Integrity, transparency, and cost effective delivery for the heritage component of your DA, EIS, REF or EA

No matter where you are at in project planning or delivery, Lantern Heritage can provide innovative and cost effective approaches to navigating your obligations with regard to heritage legislation.