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Preserving What Matters to You, with You. 

Endangered Heritage 

Rare Trades and Skills Fair 

at the Fitters Workshop Kingston 2019

 Do you have a rare trade or skill? Do you make arrows barrels brooms or paper? Do you make glass eyes, shoes or wigs? Do you sell your wares? Would you like to participate in the fair then send us your EOI with a CV and portfolio digitally to or by post to  Shop 8 Paragon Mall 8-20 Gladstone St Fyshwick 2609 ACT to register your interest. 



Upcoming Workshops:

Occpational health and Safety training is available for collectors and home enthusiasts with ACT libraries 

IS your collection Killing you? Many historic items are toxic or become dangerous over time. Past insect treatments or chemicals used in manufacturer can make items dangerous for handling or keeping. Stop your collection from harming you! is a workshop running over 2 days to help guide on personal safety for collectors. On the 16th and 17th Oct. This professional training is a must do, for registration staff, intake/loan officers and volunteer managers in the museum sector. 

Pack up your dress

Wedding dresses, debutant ball gowns cocktail dresses some are so hard to store. Drop off your dress by the 18th of Oct and we will re-group on the 28th Oct to share stories and techniques on how to best store and preserve your fabulous frock and memories. $330 includes boxing, tissue and tutorial.

See us at the Antique Fair for rotary at Albert hall. This 18-20th Aug 


Asset managment support: This course will help you to plan and prepare for the better care of your art assets. Learn about handling, transporting and the effects of environmental impacts. Be prepared for flood, fire or insects and learn how to respond. Important insurance issues and loan issues if you are approached to display the work. We will cover everything from collection documentation to disaster plan implementation. 

Workshops we can run 

Managing your volunteers: How to attract and keep good volunteers is critical to running a small historical musuem. This workshop introduces conservation and preventative conservation training for volunteers so everyone understands the importance of "the no food policy" and the other things we do. This workshop is aimed at Small museums and societies who need to get consistency from their volunteers. 

Collection protection: Focuses on preventing disasters internally. Responding to disasters from external events and being prepared to deal with the consequences of fire flood and pests. 

Integrated pest managment: This is a course which covers insect damage to collections historic buildings and of artefacts on loans. The course covers International best practice standards, housekeeping, gallery maintenance, and policy development for preventing infestations and assessing the real risk in your organisation.

Care of Photos: This course looks at the care historic development of photo technology from the very begining to the present. handling care and storage is covered and the possibilities in digital restoration. 

Introduction to Book Binding through history: Robin tait looks at the history of books and they types of binding used to create them. Robin covers the technology and methods, the styles and the fashions. This workshop looks at how to care for books of different vintages.

All of the colours of the Rainbow: An introduction to pigment colours use handling safety grinding and paint manufacture. this short workshop is a stepping off point to feeling confident to move away from the 'Packet food' of premade paint to the talent of making your own paint.